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For Chudleigh Youth

"Encouraging and teaching the young people of Chudleigh is something close to the heart..."


Messy Church

We Love Chudleigh




Chudleigh Youth Work Project

Messy Church at CHUDFEST

We have some very special visitors joining us on Thursday 6th July in the Chudfest Marquee


Come and join us from 3.30pm after School in the Chudfest Marquee

when we will be joined by rev Paul Ireton and his puppets

Hope to see you there.


Future Messy Church Dates,

Saturday,  16th September, 14th October, 18th November

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In the mean time, if you have any questions, comments or would like to help out on the team, please contact me either by telephone (01626 854047) or email: messychurchtq13@gmail.com.

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We Love Chudleigh 2017

We Love Chudleigh is an annual event for young people who want to serve the people of our town and show them unconditional love. This year was the seventh We Love Chudleigh and took place over two days during the Easter holiday.

On the Wednesday everyone arrived at the Youth Centre with their sleeping bags for the sleepover. The event started with a session about being servant-hearted led by our youth leader Maren. During this we discussed what we wanted to achieve over the two days and how we could show our love for all the people visiting and living in the town.

After lunch we began our outreach by offering to pay for people’s car parking and handing out free chocolates in the High Street. People were very positive in response, if a little surprised, but it was good to be able to talk to them about what we were doing. They were impressed by our We Love Chudleigh T-shirts.

The rest of the first day was spent baking a range of cakes and biscuits in the Youth Centre kitchen in preparation for the coffee morning the next day. Dinner was provided by Mothers’ Union and we were very grateful for the delicious cottage pie and crumble! We rounded off the evening by watching a film before settling to sleep.

On Thursday morning after breakfast we set off to the Church to prepare for the free coffee morning. People were appreciative of our baking and there was a good turnout. After tidying up and having lunch, we started to plan our service for Sunday evening. This was an opportunity to share with the congregation all that we had been doing, and to thank them for their support.

We look forward to We Love Chudleigh 2018!


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We Love Chudleigh 2016


We Love Chudleigh was two fantastic days of loving and serving the community in Jesus’ name. We had a great team of enthusiastic young people who blessed the town by litter picking, paying for car parking and handing out free chocolates. A new event for this year was a free coffee morning in the church, which went really well, with lots of lovely cake and drinks on offer. Many people were surprised that everything was free, and were very touched by the gesture. Even a simple act of grace such as paying 30p for a car parking ticket really brightened people’s day and paved the way for some great conversations, with people curious as to why we were doing what we were doing, and telling us that we’d ‘made their day’. Ellen and I even got a thankyou card from a lady who turned out to be a vicar who happened to be visiting Chudleigh! She wrote ‘You made me think about being open to receive from my fellow human beings and to be aware of God’s presence wherever I go.’

In the teaching sessions we looked at why we love Chudleigh (or do we just say we do?) and the story of Jonah, as well as the idea from the book of James that faith without action is dead; as it says in Matthew, we are the light and salt of the earth; ‘a city on a hill cannot be hidden’.

The following Sunday, we held a celebration service in the church, where we shared stories and gave thanks to God for His amazing grace and what he’d been doing over the two days.

Thanks to the Mother’s Union for providing us with lovely food for yet another year; it was great to share meals together in fellowship. And a huge thank you must go to all who donated spare change and chocolate, and of course all of who prayed!





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Latest Prayer Letter

Maren Hedermann's LATEST PRAYER LETTER is available in church, by click the download link below or on email from Yasmin Mann. Please remember Maren's work in your prayers.

Click here to download Maren's latest Prayer Letter

 If you would like more information about the project, or to become “A Friend of Chudleigh Youth Work” and support the work financially or help out practically, please contact Yasmin Mann. (strangemagic5157@hotmail.co.uk)


Friends of Chudleigh Area Youth Project

This is the body that supports Maren's work with young people in the church and the town. It relies on individual donations, regular giving and church donations. If you can help support Maren's work either with a one-off donation or a regular commitment eg £10 a month, please complete the attached form or use a marked yellow envelope.

CAYP pledge 14.pdf

Chudleigh Parish Church - Facebook Link

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Chudleigh Youth Work Project


Throughout the year we take our young people away to different residential camps. Some of these are run directly by SWYM whilst others are regional and national events. Our trips to Soul Survivor and Spree are great times of bonding and fun for the young people and everyone attending takes huge steps spiritually on their walk with God, even if it exhausts the leaders!






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Our main discipleship groups meet on a Sunday night in the parish church. We have two groups, Jet for years 7 to 9 meets from 6.30 till 8 and Set for years 10-13 meets from 7.30 till 9. Each group follows its own discipleship program which includes games, discussions, prayer and Bible study. We also have regular social evening where both groups join together. As well as Jet and Set we offer any of our young people from year 9 or above the opportunity to be mentored by an adult within church. These relationships have been hugely fruitful and beneficial to both the young person and the mentor! We also do a monthly discipleship session for 14+ along with Chudleigh Baptist Church on a Sunday morning as well as a weekly Christian Union within Teign School.

Friends of Chudleigh Area Youth Project

This is the body that supports Maren's work with young people in the church and the town. It relies on individual donations, regular giving and church donations. If you can help support Maren's work either with a one-off donation or a regular commitment eg £10 a month, please complete the attached form or use a marked yellow envelope.

CAYP pledge 14.pdf

Chudleigh Parish Church - Facebook Link


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Wiedersehen in Sankt Ingbert

Maryon pictured with Markus in June

News of Markus Trick, trainee youth worker 2008/9

Do you remember the Teign Valley Youthwork Project (TVYP)? It ran from 2006 to 2010 and was the precursor of the Chudleigh Area Youthwork Project (CAYP), the set-up within which Jon Hancock currently works.

During the academic year 2008/09 one of the TVYP trainees was Markus Trick from Freiburg, Germany. He was training with the German equivalent of the YMCA and his studies required him to spend a year on a placement in another country. He applied to South West Youth Ministries (SWYM) and thence to TVYP. Although he lived in Higher Ashton during his time in England, he was a familiar face in Chudleigh when he joined Karly and Jess to run ET sessions here.

On his return to Germany, he completed his qualification and then began work in Kaiserslautern where he stayed for three years. He has now been working for the Evangelische Kirche in Sankt Ingbert, near Saarbrücken, for almost three years.

Maryon and Colin Avery met up with Markus recently while they were on holiday in Germany. They enjoyed a convivial evening chatting with him about people and places he remembered and also about his present work.

Markus is working for two parishes in St. Ingbert (Hassel and Rohrbach). He has established a total of seven kids and youth clubs during the past three years. The church in Hassel runs an after-school club in which Markus plays a major role. He also does informal outreach work which more often than not is simply kicking a football around and getting into conversation with youngsters. In addition he organises various events for young people like open air cinema or fun sport activities. Markus says that Sankt Ingbert is predominantly Roman Catholic and regrets that especially in Rohrbach, there seems to be no great interest in ecumenism.

Markus recalls with appreciation the support and prayers of our local churches during his year far from home. He has many happy memories of his time in England and is pleased to know that ET continues to develop and thrive. He sends his best wishes to anyone who remembers him.

One of the aims of TVYP and CAYP was and is to provide practical experience for youthwork trainees who will go on to serve Christ and His church further afield than in our own local context. It's good to know that aim has been achieved in Markus's case.

Maryon Avery – formerly Secretary to the TVYP and CAYP Management Group


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