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'The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have advised that with the social distancing and staying at home ordered by the Government, all services and events in Chudleigh Parish Church and in church groups must be cancelled and the church closed to visitors, until further notice.

Just because we can't get to church does not mean our worship has to stop.
At 10.30am on Sunday you can listen to a Palm Sunday service, led by Rev. Paul Wimsett, 
For more information on alternate Internet service connections  follow this link

We are working with others in the town to help the most vulnerable among us.

The Town Council can be contacted to find out more on 01626 853140,

email clerk@chudleigh-tc.gov.uk

Church contact details are here if you would like to get in touch with us.

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Chudleigh Parish Church’s 2019 Summer Project

The Summer Project this year will support 2 causes:

The Church Mission Society, where we will be specifically supporting Ruth Sayers’ work in Devonport, and the Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust. The work of the latter is in South Africa, but both of our good causes are UK Registered Charities. Funds raised by our Summer Project will be divided 67% to the Church Mission Society, 33% to The Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust

CHURCH MISSION SOCIETY – Helping individuals and churches answer God's mission call

The Church Mission Society operates in the UK as well as overseas, and since the retirement of Francesca Elloway, our long-time link missionary in Congo, we have adopted as our CMS Mission Partner Ruth Sayers, who is based in Devonport, Plymouth. Ruth visited Chudleigh first back in April and returned on Sunday 14th July to tell us more about her work in Devonport. Devonport, an urban parish, is an area of need, nowadays with a lot of unemployment, and three churches are working together ‘to try to make a difference’. Ruth told us specifically about three current projects.

Feast for Fun - Half of all schoolchildren in Devonport qualify for free school meals, which is fine in term time, but what about the holidays? The churches are laying on Feast for Fun each Monday during the summer holiday, feeding families, rather than just the children. They have been interested to find not only that a ‘roast’ (chicken with vegetables) is seen as a great treat, but that board games afterwards are also hugely popular as something new and different.

Craft Days - These are run in conjunction with the Devonport Library.

Work Club - This is a major work, ongoing on Wednesdays all year. Only the Wednesday between Christmas and New Year is missed. Computers are provided for the use of job seekers and for writing CVs. Advice is available on claiming benefits, and refreshments are provided.

Besides the funds that we have undertaken to raise through our Summer Project, Ruth told us she would value prayer for the work, especially the Work Club, and for herself.

Read more about Ruth and her work on our Mission Partners Page - click here


THE HILLCREST AIDS CENTRE TRUST - Providing support for young people and schools in South Africa affected by HIV/AIDS

Hillcrest is a suburb of Durban, South Africa. The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust:

Supports the education of Aids orphans in South Africa by paying their school fees and for their school uniforms and books.  Supports the development of teachers’ skills in township schools.

Organises projects to South African rural township schools undertaken by 16-17 year-old South African students, painting and decorating and working with the pupils.

The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust was founded in 1990 by the Hillcrest Methodist Church in response to the pending HIV/AIDS pandemic. Supporting the work in South Africa, and making a point of ensuring that ALL funds raised go to that work, the UK-based HACT was established in 2002. Besides the ongoing work highlighted above, the Trust supports other projects undertaken by the Centre, such as a recent trip for pupils from four rural township primary schools to visit a leadership camp outside Durban; a reward for their academic effort and achievement.

To see more information about the Hilcrest Aids Centre Trust follow this link  https://www.hillcrestaids.org.uk/

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The Churches' Weekend Away Talks March 2019        

Life in the Vine   -  Speaker: Simon Holland

Click on the following links to hear Simon's talks

Session 1: Grafted

Session 2: Abide

Session 3: Fruitfulness Part 1

Session 4: Fruitfulness Part 2

The Churches' Weekend Away reports

Around 100 of us travelled to Lee Abbey in north Devon for the Church Weekend Away. We joined friends from Chudleigh Parish Church, Chudleigh Baptist Church and Chudleigh Knighton and Trusham Churches for a refreshing weekend together.

Our group included more than 15 children who enjoyed their own programme of activities over the weekend led by staff from Lee Abbey. Our children had a great weekend. They enjoyed getting to know friends better as well as the endless games of hide and seek. A highlight for them was the Saturday afternoon session where church members young and old joined together to have fun whilst learning archery.

We didn’t let the poor weather dampen our enthusiasm for exploring, and enjoyed walks in the beautiful grounds at Lee Abbey, as well as a brief trip to the beach where four brave souls even managed a quick dip in the sea. It was a great weekend with plenty of opportunities to chat with new and old friends and think about the speaker’s message.


Simon Holland, the Warden of Lee Abbey, gave talks based on the Gospel of John Chapter 15. In this chapter Jesus said ‘I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.’ John 15 v5 (ESV)

Simon used the analogy that as Christians we can be ‘grafted’ onto the vine. The term ‘grafting’ is an agricultural term that means that a new cutting can be grown from existing vine root structure. In this way, however and wherever we worship and serve we are the branches with Jesus at the centre of our faith. Jesus invites us to ‘abide’ in Him and He in us. Simon unpacked this metaphor a little more for us. Abiding simply means that we live our life with God. Our sense of identity, sustenance and significance is based in our relationship with Him. Through His grace we are accepted and from this inner fulfilment we are equipped to serve others and take joy into the world.

This contrasts with the reverse situation where our identity is based on our achievements or perhaps what we perceive others think of us. We end up working backwards and when our plans don’t work out this leaves us feeling frustrated. We were invited, therefore, to consider the question ‘What sustains us in life?’.

Finally we were encouraged to become ‘fruitful’ not by trying with our own strength but through our life and relationship with God. Sometimes this might lead us to places that we might not have expected!

No write-up would be complete without mention of the food which was home-cooked, plentiful and served by the fantastic team of volunteers who work tirelessly to deliver a fantastic retreat for guests. It was a humbling experience to be so well looked after by the team at Lee Abbey, and one which we are very thankful for.

 Tim, Emily, George & Alice Farrell

Breakfast in the dining room Paul, Eleanor and Maren enjoying some peace and quiet Construction in the hallway


I had never been to Lee Abbey before and was not entirely sure what the experience would be like. The journey there was somewhat wet and misty but the welcome was warm – as was the hot chocolate! The weekend was blessed with rather a lot of weather (!) and we could hear the wind howling around the building and watch the horizontal rain through the windows while we were tucked up warm inside. The building was impressive and I realised that wherever you looked there was something beautiful, whether it was a stained glass window, a vase, a carved fire surround or a view through the window: it was lovely.

The weekend gave us an opportunity to spend time together and to get to know one another better. Instead of dashing off after a quick ‘hello’ we could have a chat over a coffee, catch up with an old friend or make a new one. Mealtimes also gave us opportunities to share fellowship as well as good food. We had some fun quizzes, stimulating discussion topics and various activities on Saturday afternoon led by the Community team from the Abbey. But more than anything the weekend gave us a chance to step out of our busy lives and spend some time in the Father’s presence, to seek His will or to just be.

Simon Holland, the Warden at Lee Abbey, was a gifted speaker, using poetry, humour and eloquence to share the message of how we are grafted into the Vine (Jesus) and that if we are in Him then we will bear good fruit. I was reminded that I didn’t choose God but he chose me. It’s all about Love.

I came away from the weekend feeling refreshed and excited about what God has planned for our community here in Chudleigh, not to be inward looking but to look out with a vision of sharing God’s love with those around us.

Hazel Hawley

Red Nose Daye Quiz evening entertainment Lee Abbey's beautiful setting yes the sun did eventually come out

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We Love Chudleigh

We Love Chudleigh is an annual event for young people who want to serve the people of our town and show them unconditional love.

 We Love Chudleigh usually takes place over two days during the Easter holiday.

On the Wednesday everyone arrived at the Youth Centre with their sleeping bags for the sleepover. The event started with a session about being servant-hearted led by our youth leader Maren. During this we discussed what we wanted to achieve over the two days and how we could show our love for all the people visiting and living in the town.

After lunch we began our outreach by offering to pay for people’s car parking and handing out free chocolates in the High Street. People were very positive in response, if a little surprised, but it was good to be able to talk to them about what we were doing. They were impressed by our We love Chudleigh T-shirts.

The rest of the first day was spent baking a range of cakes and biscuits in the Youth Centre kitchen in preparation for the coffee morning the next day. Dinner was provided by Mothers’ Union and we were very grateful for the delicious cottage pie and crumble! We rounded off the evening by watching a film before settling to sleep.

On Thursday morning after breakfast we set off to the Church to prepare for the free coffee morning. People were appreciative of our baking and there was a good turnout. After tidying up and having lunch, we started to plan our service for Sunday evening. This was an opportunity to share with the congregation all that we had been doing, and to thank them for their support.

We look forward to We Love Chudleigh 2019

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Benefice Weekend 2017


A weekend away as part of “Our Parishes PLC”

Two years ago we moved into our new home and attended our first services at Chudleigh Parish Church, where many of the congregation were talking enthusiastically about their recent Benefice Weekend to Sidmouth.

So two years on, we joined 60 people aged from 2 upwards at Sidholme Hotel for this year’s Benefice Weekend. What were we expecting? We were not 100% sure but having been assured that we would be made very welcome and having led many residential experiences for school children over the years (in a variety of settings from Youth Hostels to Canal Boats!) We thought it would be an interesting, and hopefully a positive and fulfilling experience.

We arrived on the Friday afternoon and after checking into our room. (A pleasant one with en-suite facilities)  We took a stroll down into Sidmouth to explore the town and visit the beach. When we returned more people had arrived and there was a positive buzz and exchange of news and conversations.

 Before dinner, there was a drinks reception in the magnificent Music Room. This enabled people to chat and socialise before going into dinner. At dinner, people ate in groups at various sized tables and again there was the opportunity to talk to different people. This turned out to be one of the successes of the weekend, as we were able to have conversations with “new” people (who we hadn’t really spoken to before, except for quick greetings in church on a Sunday) as each meal time we sat on a “different” table.


There were four sessions, spread out over the weekend, led by our visiting speaker, John Samways and these were centred on Prayer, Love and Confidence in the Gospel (PLC!) and these were in turn, thought-provoking, interesting, amusing and helpful in developing our understanding of the Christian Faith.

Each morning and evening, a different person led informal prayers, which like all sessions and activities, there was an option to join if you wished to do so. 

On Saturday afternoon, some people went for a walk, others enjoyed strolling the beautiful grounds, some went swimming in the pool on site and some people learnt to make fabric flowers with John’s wife Chris. I joined this group and we all wore our “creations” proudly to dinner!

In the evening was the “Variety Show”, which showed the range of talents in our church! From short plays, to songs, musical recitals to poems, readings to sketches. All enjoyed by performers and the audience.

Sunday Morning’s Communion Service was held in the Music Room before our final Sunday lunch and our return home.

So was it as I expected? Yes in many ways. I feel very much part of the Christian Community in Chudleigh and feel I now know more people better.  It was good to have time to think, pray and learn together.  For me personally, the highlight was sitting quietly at Evening Prayers on the Saturday evening surrounded by people whose names I now know, who share my faith and I see as my “Christian Friends” in Chudleigh.

Would I go again? Yes! And I can understand why people look forward to going to “Sidholme”!

 Leah Stirrat

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The Benefice Weekend was held at Sidholme Hotel on 17th – 19th March. The leader was John Samways and the theme of the weekend was ‘Our Parishes PLC Growing in  Prayer Love and Confidence in the Gospel'

John's talks are available below. They are;

1.       Our Parishes PLC.

2.       Prayer.

3.       Love.

4.       God's Presence.

5.      Confidence in the Gospel

6.      Endless Hope

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(Please note that David changed the order from the published programme).

David’s notes on his talks are available as a printout or via e-mail from Nicky Over..

Nicky Over, 852668, over@stationhill.eclipse.co.uk


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Church Flowers

We have a wonderful group of people who keep the Church beautifully decorated throughout the year.

We welcome both adults and the younger generation alike. So if your children enjoy being creative with flowers, this is a chance to let them use their imagination.

If you would like join us as a flower arranger, please contact one of our flower co-ordinators:

Pam Cox
Tel: 854228

Barbara Chisnall
Tel: 852406


For weddings, please contact:

Judith Perriss
Tel: 854513

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Health & Safety and Safeguarding Policy

Chudleigh Parish Church is a safe place to worship, hold events and visit. The Parochial Church Council has a health and safety (H&S) policy and risk assessments were updated in 2011 along with Safeguarding practice guidelines updated in 2017. Every effort is made to ensure that the church is managed in ways that make it a safe and comfortable place to be in. If you have any queries or wish to raise any H&S issues, please contact with the church warden:

Steve Cox 01626 854228



Please find below a selection of H&S and Safeguarding documents that we hope you will find useful and informative:

  • Notes and slides from the the H&S briefing held in August 2011:

The H&S Notes leaflet has been put together to assist sidesmen and other people who organise, steward or lead services, meetings or other events in Chudleigh Parish Church.

 The topics covered are:

  •  First Aid

  •  Communications

  •  Fire alarm procedures

  •  Manual handling


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Brass Cleaning

Do you love to see burnished brass in the church? Many of our visitors certainly do. We are in need of brass cleaners – can you afford 2-3 hours over one month?

Brass cleaning needs doing each week, and you undertake to go on the rota for one or more complete months. Not all the church brass is cleaned so a routine rub takes about half an hour, with a thorough clean once a month taking about an hour. It can be done any time to suit you, and is a very satisfying job.

If you are interested, please contact Paul Wimsett  01626 853241  or churchwardens

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Memorial Book

In the Side Chapel of Chudleigh Parish Church is a book where the names of loved ones who have died can be included on a particular day of the year (typically the date of death or their birthday), along with a brief tribute. There is no fixed charge for doing this, although a donation for church funds is invited.

If you would like to place an entry in the book, or to find out more details, please see Paul.

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